• Tyre knowledge

    The Steel Belt between tread and carcass will provide a rigid base for the tread, which will restrain the shape change, lower the rolling resistance, and save more gas. The strength of centrifugal and lateral force will be counteracted to make sure the comfort while driving.


    Also called aspect ratio, section height / section weight. The section weight is half as the difference between outside diameter and rim diameter.The lower the ratio is, the wider the section width will be, which means it will be safer to drive. The elasticity of sidewall will increase corresponding to the section width to make driving more stable. The high-speed cars using low ration tires is a trend nowadays.

  • UTQG

    The UTQG on the sidewall is a general quality grading, which is the abbreviation for Uniform Tire Quality Grading System, classifying tires according to the wear ability, traction and febrile index. All the manufactures are in accordance with provisions of experimental steps. Authorized testing results should be classified and marked on the sidewall by the manufactures. According to US government regulation, all the tires imported to America must have UTQG data.

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