• 3 Zone Technology Introduction

    With its combination of a special Silica composition and wide circumferential grooves, Goodyear Excellence optimises braking performance and precise handling in any driving conditions An inclined block tread and wide circumferential grooves in the Safety Zone improve water evacuation, providing superior braking and handling performance.

  • OneTred Technology

    The Eagle F1 GS-D3 features OneTred technology with a continuous tread element from shoulder to shoulder. This provides a stable tread design for improved handling in wet or dry conditions. The continuous tread element also yields a quiet, comfortable ride unique in this category of tyres.

  • Run On Flat

    Replacing a flat tire with the spare one is often a nightmare, especially if you're a women or (to avoid getting accused of a misogynist attitude) if you're a man and outside, the heavy rain makes an umbrella a waste of time. But even so, most cars are equipped with a spare tire and every driver, more or less experienced, has to have the know-how to replace a flat tire. Somehow, every driver out there learns, sooner or later, forced by such an event or voluntarily, to do it.

  • Green Tyres-Silica and Silane Innovations for the Tire Industry

    The introduction of carbon black as a reinforcing agent in 1904, lead to strongly increased tread wears resistance. Commonly carbon black is used for reinforcement and normally provides or enhances good physical properties for the cured rubber compound. However, limited by this material, tire perpformance is not good at rolling resistance, wet grip and high noice. To improve the tire performance, our R&D team is cooperating with Evonik to developing high silica contain tire, Called Green Tire.

  • Tyre technology on the right track

    Trends in tyre manufacturing indicate a push towards greater efficiency.

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