Tyre knowledge

Steel Belt

The Steel Belt between tread and carcass will provide a rigid base for the tread, which will restrain the shape change, lower the rolling resistance, and save more gas. The strength of centrifugal and lateral force will be counteracted to make sure the comfort while driving.


The rubber-wrapped steel wire is twisted by orders, which firmly fixed the tires to the rim.


The cord fabric in tires is made of tiny textile fiber that is adhesive on the rubber. It will counteract the impact and provide good flexing resistance.

Inner Liner

Inner Liner is made of impermeable Butyl, which has the same function of inner tube. The pressure can be depressed as time goes by, therefore, regular pressure checking is very necessary,


Sidewall can protect the tire from impact to road shoulder. All the relative information can be found on it. (including size, inches, structure, original places, product and all the characteristics)


The friction will provide the traction and braking force. It also enhances the resistance of wear ability, friction and heat.