OneTred Technology

26 May 2016


The Eagle F1 GS-D3 features OneTred technology with a continuous tread element from shoulder to shoulder. This provides a stable tread design for improved handling in wet or dry conditions. The continuous tread element also yields a quiet, comfortable ride unique in this category of tyres.


The One Tred technology combines various zones, each fulfilling a specific function.

Continuous Centreline

A solid centreline runs without interruption around the tyre to create a stable centre zone for precise steering and sporty response.

Tread Links

For maximum performance in handling, cornering, acceleration and braking. Oblique tread elements provide an uninterrupted link between the continuous centreline and the solid shoulder elements. This unique tread link feature allows the tyre to efficiently transfer the forces in the contact patch in all directions.

Extreme V-Tred

Provides channels that allow water evacuation and ultimate aquaplaning resistance. It also lowers noise by avoiding trapped air in the grooves. The tread design is composed of very long oblique grooves that run from one edge of the footprint to the other.

Solid Shoulder Zone

The tread design is composed of a solid shoulder zone, which was designed to obtain an optimum level of stiffness. This solid shoulder offers the best possible heavy handling performance, while maintaining the highest level of water dispersion for high-speed aquaplaning resistance, making the Eagle F1 GS-D3 the best tyre in its class.