3 Zone Technology Introduction

23 May 2016

Safety Zone

With its combination of a special Silica composition and wide circumferential grooves, Goodyear Excellence optimises braking performance and precise handling in any driving conditions

An inclined block tread and wide circumferential grooves in the Safety Zone improve water evacuation, providing superior braking and handling performance.

A special formulation of Silica, created from a natural Silica Compound and an innovative polymer, provides excellent handling performance in wet and dry conditions. Moreover, it minimises rolling resistance and helps to save fuel.

Handling Zone

A rigid and solid outer shoulder in the Handling Zone provides better grip for improved cornering power and exceptional braking. This ensures safe and crisp handling, superior cornering, and sharp braking, even in difficult driving conditions.

Comfort Zone

A rubber cushion in the Comfort Zone improves suspension and dampens vibration, providing a comfortable and quiet ride.